Thesis Project: Mundane Interventions

Mundane Interventions is a series of playful illustrations that depict mundane, middle-class life with divine interventions, through paintings of Hindu gods interacting with humans, to show the reassurance the religion and cultures of Hindu-North Americans give them in daily life.

Lost your keys? Want ice cream for dinner? Don't have time to water your garden? Not to worry! A multi-armed,  all-powerful deity is on the way to help!

This page is a digital gallery of my year-long thesis project, which was displayed at GradEx 108, and will also be featured at TOAF62!

Lord Indra, Hindu God of rain and thunderstorms, revives a little garden.

Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, helps a small business fleur-ish...

Young Lord Krishna, who is obsessed with all things dairy, steals ice cream from a freezer to share with a child.

Lord Hanuman, Hindu God of Strength and Courage, Fights Turbulent Clouds

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